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The Daily Nationalist: Simon Sheppard - Standing up to Big Sister – DN 021918

simon sheppard
Simon Sheppard

Sven Longshanks is joined by Simon Sheppard of Heretical.com to talk about his upcoming court case at York Crown Court on Thursday 22nd February.

After having a verbal altercation with a satellite TV repair man, Simon was surprised to find himself arrested for using racially aggravated speech, an accusation made by his Black neighbour who Simon was not even speaking to at the time. After being arrested for this, the police arrived at Simon’s to search his house, found his laboratory equipment and called up the army, the bomb squad and the anti-terror unit, before evacuating the whole street and kicking at least two doors down when the occupants refused to answer.

Simon finally got his computers and lab equipment back when they realised he was not planning on turning himself into a suicide bomb, but he is still facing the charge of using racially aggravated speech on Thursday, which will be in front of a jury. He will have legal representation for this but because of this arrest, the Council are now seeking to evict him from his home. In the council case he will be representing himself and if he manages to stay out of prison, he will publish his defence online but for now, he gives us his thoughts on hate speech, altruistic punishment and the events that led up to his arrest.

Simon has previously won damages from the Police for wrongful arrest and he suggests more of us take this route when we are routinely arrested with no justification other than for being politically incorrect.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Simon Sheppard

The Daily Nationalist: Standing up to Big Sister – DN 021918


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