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The Daily Nationalist: Suffragette Terrorism - DN 020918

dn 020918

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the Suffragette terrorists who are today being lauded for gaining women the vote. These crazy females used ‘incendiary devices’, explosions, artwork destruction (including an axe attack upon a painting of The Duke of Wellington in the National Gallery), arson attacks, window-breaking, post-box burning, church-bombings, acid-attacks and telegraph cable breaking to try and force men to give in to their outrageous demands. Eventually we did and women were given the vote, but every one of the fears that society had at the time would be the result, has happened.

It was thought that women would be distracted from their role in the raising and nurturing children, if they were to be devoting their thoughts to political life and today it is not only their thoughts that are elsewhere, but their entire selves are no longer at home with their children. It was thought that giving women the vote was against divine law, which it is and we have been punished for it. Forty two percent of all marriages in Britain now end in divorce, due to women no longer valuing their husbands as before. It was also said that women were not logical and were too emotional to be responsible with the vote and we see how irresponsible they are just with their targets for terrorist attack, let alone the madness they have unleashed since then simply with the weight of their vote.

Women used to have a privileged position in society, they were protected and provided for and they very rarely were ever held accountable for their actions. Because of their non-political and non-partisan role in society, their advice was often sought on matters of State. That role has now gone entirely and they proudly state that they are part of a group that has no loyalty to race, nation or country but is instead, devoted to forcing the world into accepting them as defective, counterfeit versions of men, constantly requiring the State to intervene and make up for their deficiencies in that role.

The UK government today are considering pardoning these terrorists that are largely responsible for the destruction of femininity and the family. Children are no longer secure in their own homes thanks to them, let alone all the physical damage done to priceless old buildings and art by them. They should be cursed if anything, but certainly not celebrated.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Suffragette Terrorism - DN 020918


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