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Truth Will Out Radio: The Wisdom of the Rabbis – TWOR 022318

twor 022318

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for Truth Will Out Radio, this week exposing the Talmud, the collection of books that Jews base their religion upon.

The Talmud teaches how to break all the laws of the Old Testament and encourages the Jews to take over and subjugate all non-Jews. On top of that, it also shows a visceral hatred of Christianity and it’s founder, Jesus the Christ.

The first quotes used describe how Jews are to treat non-Jews, how they can lie and cheat with impunity, how they can break their oaths, how they can keep any property that belongs to non-Jews and how the death of a ‘gentile’ does not need to be avenged. If a Jew is accused of something by a non-Jew, then regardless of if the claim is true or not, the tribe all have to do what they can to defend that Jew. This was particularly evident in the case of Mary Phagan, who was allegedly raped and murdered by a Jew. Instead of allowing justice to take it’s course, the Jews formed the ADL and then stated raising funds to defend the alleged murderer rapist.

The Jews use code words for Christians a lot in the Talmud, but the older editions still have the footnotes that make it clear that words like ‘minim’ ‘heathen’ ‘cuthean’ and ‘gentile’ all mean Christian. They also use words like ‘Balaam’ to mean Christ, since Balaam was a bad character from the Old Testament. They claim Jesus was the son of the best man at the wedding and that his mother was in a state of uncleanness at the time of conception. They say he is now boiling in hell in a vat of boiling excrement, that Adam had sex with all the animals in the ark, that Noah was a trans-sexual eunuch and many other pornographic slanders of Biblical characters.

The Talmud is the product of the Jewish racial soul, it gives us a glimpse into the character of this people. Where our religion tells us that a man is only as good as his word, theirs tells them to break their oaths. Where we understand that good farming practice leads to the ability to create civilisation, they see farming as the lowest occupation imaginable. We say man should obey God and they say he should obey the Jews. We say a good workman is worth his hire, yet they say a good workman should not be paid if he is not a Jew!

There are many more quotes that are shocking to us that could be taken from the Talmud, but the few dealt with here should be enough to demonstrate that Jews are not followers of the Old Testament, they have their own standards and laws which are completely alien to ours. 

This podcast does not encourage people to hate Jews, it just shows how different they are from us and offers an explanation for age old conflicts between Christians and Jews, based on our innate differences to one another.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Wisdom of the Rabbis – TWOR 022318


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