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The Daily Nationalist: The Cost of Race Mixing – DN 041318

dn 041318

Sven Longshanks finishes the Back to Basics series with a podcast on race mixing and the tragic results of it.

People nowadays are so dumbed down that unless they are Nationalists, they are unlikely to even think that the results of interbreeding could be negative. The mainstream media is full of stories blaming racism for the depression that half-castes feel and some stupid liberals think they are actually doing the world a favour by producing them. There is little truthful information available about mulattoes apart from by Nationalist sources and people are unlikely to find these unless specifically looking for them.

How many people know that it will be impossible to find a bone marrow donor for a mixed-race person? Or that even an organ transplant from within the same family is likely to be rejected? Even blood groups are racial and transfusions can be problematic. Due to Mendellian inheritance it is impossible to get a smooth blend between two races, there will always be individual characteristics of each race highlighted, such as a flat nose but with fair skin, or afro hair but with fair skin. Even ‘Pass for Whites’ after 5 or 6 generations of having a White parent still show non-White traits, it is impossible to breed them out and we see the proof of this all around us  in countries that were formerly White, such as India, South America and Egypt.

It is important to make people aware of the gravity of what they are doing by miscegenating, the effects of it will still be felt for generations after the original breeding pair are dead and gone.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Cost of Race Mixing – DN 041318


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