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The Daily Nationalist: White Means White – DN 040618

dn 040618

Sven Longshanks presents a solo podcast that goes back to basics to explain why White has to mean White and why Jews cannot be tolerated within White Nationalism.

A White man is a Caucasian who has a clean bloodline, uncontaminated with anything else. This means the majority of people in most White countries today, but there has been some confusion about this thanks to the modern craze for DNA testing. Often people will be shocked to find out they have 0.05% non-White blood, but this is well within the margin for error in these tests, they are not particularly accurate and it is far more likely to be an error than anything else. The companies have a vested interest in claiming everyone is mixed, so when they cannot really say for certain as the sample is so small, they just make an estimate.

This does not mean in every case it is a false positive, if there are other signs of it such as family records, obvious physical traits or surname, then it must be accurate. But if someone looks White, acts White and has no family records saying otherwise, then the chances are very high that this is just an error made by the testing company.

Jews will always advocate for what is best for other Jews regardless of any humanitarian claims they may make and if they are allowed into White Nationalism they will do the same. They are not White, their own rabbis periodically state this to remind Jews of the fact and any interbreeding with them will just create more mischlings. It is not possible to remove the adulteration from anyone’s blood, once it has been corrupted it is lost to us. We must be strict about this, if non-Whites want to help us then they can join Alt-Lite and Civ-Nat organisations, they will be pleased to have them and may even show them off like trophies.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: White Means White – DN 040618


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