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Aryan Britannia: Some Are More Equal Than Others – AB 052818

Max Musson
from Western Spring joins Sven Longshanks to discuss Alison Chabloz being found guilty and Tommy Robinson being jailed for breach of the peace/contempt of court.

Alison Chabloz was convicted of singing songs which were ‘grossly offensive’ but they were nowhere near as offensive to Jews as Sacha Baron-Cohen’s ‘Throw the Jew Down the Well’ which explicitly calls for Jews to be killed and was sung in front of an unsuspecting audience. This was designed to be as offensive as possible, with the song starting innocently enough in order to get the audience clapping and showing their appreciation of it. Of course the difference between Chabloz and Cohen is that Cohen is a Jew, so he is allowed to sing offensive songs about Jews.

The double standards don’t stop here though, a young lady in Britain was recently given a criminal record for posting rap lyrics on her Facebook wall, but the rapper was not prosecuted. Similarly a White woman was also brought on stage in America to sing alongside a rapper, but when she also sang the word ‘n****r’ the song was stopped and the woman humiliated.

What these speech laws have done is overturn centuries of precedent that all must be equal under the law.

Tommy Robinson has been jailed, for filming outside a court on the day that the verdict of a trial was due. He was not in the court and showing the faces of the people going into court is not a crime, everyone accused of a crime has to have their name publicly displayed at the court and the court has to be open to the public, so that they may see justice being done. Tommy was also told he was ‘inciting’. Is it now ‘incitement to racial hatred’ to report on the trials of ethnic minorities? Are these trials being hushed up by the mainstream media because of this?

Whatever you may think of Tommy, the man does have integrity and he takes a huge risk in exposing crimes like this by ethnic minorities. We are in a situation where we would be foolish not to support other patriots over ideological differences. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Some Are More Equal Than Others – AB 052818


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