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The Daily Nationalist: Lost White Civilisations IV – Egypt – DN 053118

dn 053118

Part 4 of this mini-series looks at Egypt, perhaps one of the most well known of all the previous White civilisations, although there are still people who think ancient Egypt was Black due to it being a part of the African continent.

The Egyptians were pretty clear how they felt about Blacks and proto-Jews, they left many depictions on their sandals and on the feet of their furniture, symbolising them being crushed by the shoe wearer or throne-sitter.

There are also many records of the battles fought with the Nubians and the Canaanites, who they called sand dwellers. The battles with the sand dwellers took place before the Israelites occupied the land of Canaan, which is more proof of the Canaanites being the mixed race type that gave us today’s Jews.

We also have plenty of evidence in the bodies of the Egyptians themselves, who went to great lengths to preserve their dead. Most of these bodies are of Nordic type with blonde or red hair, but by the time we get to the first millennium BC we start to see mixed race types mixed in with the White.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Lost White Civilisations IV – Egypt – DN 053118


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