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Aryan Britannia: A Folk Hero in the Making – AB 061018

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Max Musson from Western Spring joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protest in London, Colin Jordan’s ideas for a successful Nationalist movement and a brave Tory MP who has spoken in parliament about the Black on White crime wave.

Twenty thousand people went to the demonstration in London on Saturday, yet all the mainstream media can say about it is that five people were arrested. They are not even reporting the figures correctly, claiming that ‘hundreds’ showed up instead of ‘thousands’. If the only number arrested was five, then the protestors were clearly well behaved, yet they are calling it a ‘violent right-wing rally.’

Could this be the start of an uprising in Britain? The great thing about this protest is that it was not just members of an organisation there, but thousands of members of the general public who are fed up with the repression of free speech in the country. The government were certainly not expecting Tommy to become a folk hero by jailing him, but that is what is happening. The man they spent years vilifying in the media has been shown to be correct in his warnings of what was going on in Britain’s multicultural towns and cities. He has wide-spread support across a broad section of the public, shown by the pathetic number of antifa that turned up to counter-protest.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring the wider issues of what is going on to the attention of the people attending these protests. One of Colin Jordan’s ideas (which are all very similar to Western Spring’s 6 pre-requisites) is that we need a cadre of ideologically sound evangelists that can then make use of opportunities like this one to recruit people for our cause. Others that he mentions are the need for outreach in the community and funds. Everyone that can, should be donating to at least one Nationalist organisation. Money is essential for everything nowadays and activism is no exception.

One man with money and political power is the Tory MP Philip Davies who has stunned everyone by speaking the truth about Black-on-White crime. Last week he stated in parliament that Blacks are five times more likely to murder than Whites, twice as likely to use a knife and generally commit more crime than any other ethnicity. He also said Whites are being discriminated against by ‘stop and search’ with only 13% resulting in an arrest, whereas with Blacks 20% are found to have drugs or weapons on them.

We hope he has the courage to continue pointing this truth out in the face of the obvious anti-White backlash.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: A Folk Hero in the Making – AB 061018


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