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Aryan Britannia: Trials and Tribulations – AB 061818

ab 061818

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast looking over the news in Britain over the last week, while Max Musson will be joining us again next week.

Two trials were in the news last week, the first featured Alison Chabloz and her final sentencing for singing funny songs about Jews.

She was given a 20 week jail sentence suspended for 2 years and banned from using any ‘social media’. This seems a particularly ambiguous term, not actually defining any particular websites and was probably designed to be this way, so Jewish advocacy groups could continue to complain about her comments wherever they find them.

Gab responded to requests to take down her previous comments with righteous indignation at such tyrannical behaviour on the part of the ‘pathetic people’ responsible, who think seeing an opinion they don’t like makes them a victim of a crime.

The second trial was about 6 alleged members of the now banned organisation National Action. Jack Renshaw pled guilty to plotting to murder an MP and threatening to kill a police officer, but all 6 pled not guilty to being members. Given the fact one other activist ended up killing himself after being harassed so much by the Police, perhaps Jack really did have thoughts about killing his perceived persecutors.

While this was going on, a Moslem who beat a Police officer in the face with a stick so severely his children refused to be seen with him, was allowed to walk free after the judge told him he was of good character. The beating took place at Tommy’s Free Speech demonstration in Hyde Park (not the Day For Freedom at Whitehall).

You would think there were few crimes in Britain that needed solving if people can be taken to court for singing funny songs, but the figure for solved crimes in Britain is now just 5%. The only thing preventing total anarchy is the fact Britain is still 80% White. There is nothing to deter the non-Whites from taking to a life of crime and the only thing stopping Whites now is our instinctive knowledge of right and wrong.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Trials and Tribulations –AB 061818


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