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The Daily Nationalist: Lost White Civilisations – America – DN 060118

dn 060118

The final lost White civilisation we will be looking at is America. There is overwhelming evidence to show that Whites were on the continent before the Mongoloids and they ended up blending themselves out with them to produce the Red Indians.

Like the evidence looked at for the others, we have proofs from DNA testing on ancient corpses, Megaliths that are still standing, advanced technology only known by Whites and traces of White DNA left in the aborigines we find living in the area today.

There are legends in South America that describe White people being there and even descriptions of some of the battles they had. In Ohio there are traces of iron smelting, something the Red Indians were never able to do and also square buildings made of brick. If these buildings were originally made by the Indians, then why were they living in cow hide tents when we found them in the 16th century?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Lost White Civilisations–America – DN 060118


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