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The Daily Nationalist: Simon Sheppard - Signals, Markers, Tokens and Handles – DN 061118

dn 061118

Simon Sheppard is our guest today for an extended podcast, to talk about how we can break down every interaction between men and women into four components, signals, markers, handles and tokens.

Signals elicit a response, but they are ambiguous, it can always be denied that a deliberate signal has taken place.

Markers are unambiguous, they show a definite involvement, a female accepting a drink from a male would be a marker, or a female brushing against a male.

Handles are unambiguous too, a name is a handle and a handle state is a state where a response is implicitly expected, such as a neighbour returning a greeting when seen out of the neighbourhood.

Tokens are representative of things other than themselves and by their nature are ambiguous, such as an offer to come back for coffee in some circumstances may mean come back for sex.

Females are adept at manipulating situations through the use of these four components and although they have never formalised them like men would do, they are well aware of what they are.

Simon has two books on this subject ‘The Tyranny of Ambiguity’ and ‘Sex and Power’, both available from his publishing company ‘Heretical’.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Simon Sheppard

The Daily Nationalist: Signals, Markers, Tokens and Handles – DN 061118


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