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Truth Will Out Radio: Jesus the Aryan – TWOR 060118

twor 060118

Using quotes from the ‘Third Reich’ PDF Dennis and Sven discuss the German attitude to accusations that Jesus was a Jew in National Socialist Germany. Himmler actually sent investigators to Galilee to research the historical ethnicity of the country and they found the inhabitants of Galilee were Aryan and not Jewish. Galilee was populated by the tribe of Benjamin after the return of the remnant of Judah from Babylon and all Christ’s disciples except for Judas were from here.

Adolf Hitler was not just a Catholic, he was an uber-Catholic. He was the champion of the Catholic Church and many of his policies can be traced straight back to directives from the Popes. One such directive was that Jews must live separately in ghettoes, another was that they must sell their houses and property to Christians and another was that they must wear a yellow identifier affixed to their clothing.

These laws that were made by the Popes and were supposed to be in force for all time. All Hitler was actually doing as far as the Jews were concerned, is enforcing Catholic doctrine.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Jesus the Aryan – TWOR 060118


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