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Aryan Britannia: Gerard Batten and the Free Tommy Protest – AB 071618

ab 071618

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast, looking at Saturday’s Free Tommy protest and Gerard Batten in particular.

There were less people than at the last one, as the FLA and others were watching the England football match, but the speeches seemed a lot better. There were no mentions of Israel and only one or two about the nazis and even then, what was said was true, Political Islam does pose a much bigger threat to Britain than Adolf Hitler ever did. No Germans even set foot on British soil, but we have thousands of jihadis here according to MI5.

Gerard Batten gave probably the best speech of the day and has hit the headlines for doing so. He pointed out that Mohammed was a paedophile, that Moslems are told they can enslave non-Moslems as sex slaves, that the rape gangs are a manifestation of the instructions in the Koran and that our government are covering up for them.

He also pointed to the government’s Brexit treason, how the official Brexit department were just a ruse to pacify the public, while May was secretly planning a completely different strategy. The only thing that can save her now is if she gets on the Trump train, but there is not much hope of that happening.

Lord Pearson spoke next and highlighted how Moslems have deceived people through re-arranging the verses of the Koran, how they they can lie to non-believers, how once they are strong enough they will give us the choice of paying Dhimmi tax or die and how our ‘incitement to religious hatred’ laws are just Shariah law under another name.

Geert Wilders spoke by video screen, while representatives of Vlaams Belang, Sweden Democrats, National Rally (Front Nationale) and even the US congress all addressed the crowd from the stage.

One final point that will surely prove divisive was the waving of a Jewish flag at the end. You would think there was no excuse for that, but those who don’t know any better do so because they think it shows they are against Islamic radicals.  Right motive, bit of a wrong way to go about it though. I guess at least they can’t be done for hate speech by doing that. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Gerard Batten and the Free Tommy Protest – AB 071618


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