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Aryan Britannia: Boris Johnson’s Burka Joke Scandal – AB 081318

ab 081218

Sven Longshanks host a solo podcast looking at the Boris Johnson burka joke scandal and a new report that demands 68,000 White teachers be replaced with Black ones.

Johnson is not the first to make jokes about the burka, there are plenty of Lefties including Steven Fry and Polly Toynbee who have done the same, but because Boris is a conservative he is being attacked for it and from within his own party too. There have been calls for an investigation, calls for him to step down and calls for him to be arrested, yet nobody ever makes a fuss if people accuse vicars of wearing dresses and dog collars. This manufactured outrage is all just pandering to Islam, when Johnson was not even calling for the Burka to be banned.

The burka has actually been used as an accessory to commit crime on many occasions and in many different countries. Even some Islamic countries in Africa have banned it as it has been used for terrorism. It has been used to aid the rape of children, the honour killing of family members and bank robberies, exactly as Boris alleged. It should be banned, as it shows membership of a parallel political organisation that seeks to impose it’s own laws upon Britain. If Britain First can be charged with wearing a uniform for wearing jumpers, then Moslems certainly should be for wearing burkas.

The Department of Education has expressed a wish to replace 68,000 White teachers with Black ones to reflect the rapid displacement of White children in schools. They claim that multicultural pupils need to be taught by multicultural teachers, but surely that must also mean that White pupils should be taught exclusively by White teachers? Where are they going to find these Black teachers from, when their average IQ is only 85? It has been proved that it is really only cognitive diversity that improves outcomes and there is no correlation between that and racial diversity. Racial diversity just means that the average IQ and therefore the predicted outcomes, are actually lowered.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Boris Johnson’s Burka Joke Scandal – AB 081318


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