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Aryan Britannia: The Social Dynamics of Diversity – AB 080618

ab 080618

Sven Longshanks is joined by Max Musson to discuss Tommy Robinson and the conditions that Nationalist prisoners are in, the social dynamics of a multicultural society and a warning from a Jewish journalist, that organised Jewry will be getting the blame if Labour lose the next election.

Tommy was deliberately starved and tortured while in prison which is a cruel and unusual punishment by anyone’s standards, yet nobody in the establishment is speaking about it. This was deliberately done to him and it does make you wonder what condition the other Nationalist prisoners are in. Garron Helm was deliberately moved to the other end of the country while on remand for 9 months to deter family and friends from visiting, yet when he was eventually brought to trial he was found not guilty!

If prisoners request to go on the numbers for their own safety, they then run the risk of being falsely identified as a paedophile, which could be putting them at even more risk of physical violence. If Moslem terrorists are given a whole wing to themselves to prevent them from radicalising the other prisoners, then why are White Nationalists accused of being terrorists not treated the same?

You cannot have equality in a multicultural society as it will always be more beneficial to express in-group preference. We see the proof of this in the success of the Freemasons, who don’t even have a shared ethnicity to bind them together. There will always be incentives for groups to work together in a multicultural society, before you even factor in race, religion and shared ethnic heritage, which is why so many resources are put into preventing White people from doing the same.

The influence that organised Jewry has is really starting to ruffle feathers on the Left, the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn reached fever pitch last week with the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s Gideon Falter calling him an outright ‘anti-Semite’ and the new Labour charter ‘a racist’s charter’. Quite sensibly there are many Jews getting worried about this, as the general public are supporting Corbyn and not them, with #WeAreCorbyn trending at no.3 worldwide and no.1 in Britain last Thursday. One particular Jewish journalist has echoed the very same sentiments Max has for the last few months, that this sabotage of the Labour Party could very well turn many international socialists into national socialists, as they realise just how important ethnicity is to politics.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: The Social Dynamics of Diversity – AB 080618


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