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Aryan Britannia: Call the Police My Feelings Have Been Hurt – AB 091718

ab 091718

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson look at suspicious boundary changes effecting Jeremy Corbyn, the police calling for non-crime hurty feelings to be reported and a 4,000% increase in children claiming to be trans-gender.

Jeremy Corbyn has been massively popular in his constituency, he regularly wins there with a huge majority that the Labour Party could quite rightfully be proud of and use to their benefit, but instead all we hear about is how Corbyn doesn’t do enough for the Jews. You would think that keeping his constituency intact with his guaranteed majority would be very important to Labour, which is why it is very suspicious that the boundaries of it are about to be changed, increasing the Jewish portion from less than 1% to almost 10%. Is this really just a coincidence, or are the Jews determined to force him into submission? Apparently the boundary change committee is not made up of MPs and is supposed to be impartial, but this does look very suspicious. Certain Jews have already made it clear that Corbyn apologising and accepting their definition of anti-Semitism will not be enough to appease them, could this be their revenge?

South Yorkshire Police are calling for minorities to report non-crimes, if they feel that their feelings have been hurt. They say that ‘insulting comments’ can feel as if a crime has been committed, so even though they will not investigate, they want people to report it anyway. Is this in preparation to make hurty feelings a crime? Or is it just more attempts by the police to ingratiate themselves with the newcomers? At a time when all the major police spokesmen are complaining of not enough funds to do their job, isn’t it about time someone spoke up and pointed out that investigating words on the internet is a massive waste of resources, that could be spent solving real, physical crimes that do actually cause harm, loss or injury to a person?

It is not just the Police force that have their hands tied by political correctness, the prison service does too. A man convicted of rape recently claimed that he was now a woman and demanded to be sent to an all-female prison. Predictably within days of arriving, multiple women reported being sexually assaulted by him. The safety and well-being of women goes right out the window once the rights of a minority is involved. The rights of the tranny or the invader are more important than the rights of anyone else, even the rights of children to be innocent children.

There has been a 4000% increase in girls wanting to change sex with boys not far behind. Some are as young as four years old and others have been put on hormone injections at the age of six. The authorities are asking whether social media is to blame, when everything kids see on TV and are taught at school now promotes the idea that trans-sexuals should be praised and celebrated. The little girls are also taught that they are oppressed by men and that they should be wanting to do male things instead of female things, so it is no wonder the girls don’t want to be girls any more.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Call the Police My Feelings Have Been Hurt – AB 091718


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