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Aryan Britannia: White Victims of Non-White Doctors Ask Why? – AB 091018

ab 091018

Sven Longshanks looks at the staggering rates of ‘incompetence’ linked with shocking injuries caused by non-White medical staff and a father and mother who are getting sex change operations, yet have not had their child taken from them for his own safety.

Bangladeshi medics are 13 times more likely to botch an operation and injure the patient than British medics are, while Nigerians and Egyptians are 8 times as likely. This comes from figures for doctors that have been investigated for incompetence. Many serious injuries have been caused by them, one Indian doctor alone has left 100 people with severe injuries for life, with one woman having her tear duct removed by him instead of a brain tumour. The same doctor also liked opening people up without bothering to first look at ex-rays. Every one of his known victims was White, yet none of them are advocating for all foreign doctors to be expelled from the country, instead they are all still at the stage where they are asking how this could have happened?

It happens because non-Whites have lower IQs, lower standards of education, sometimes have difficulty speaking and understanding English but above all, because they are not supposed to be living among us. Nature will try to correct behaviour that threatens the life of a species and this is what we are seeing when we hear of black-on-white crime, grooming gangs, terrorism and ‘incompetent’ non-White doctors. As a group, they are doing all they can to get us to separate from them, but as individuals they will of course do all they can to be allowed to stay.

We do not just have problems with the people-of-colour of course, we also have problems manifesting in our own people, such as homosexuality, paedophilia and trans-genderism. A healthy White society would try to eliminate all those problems at the source, by protecting children from coming into contact with them, since it is abuse of a child that creates them. Since our society is sick, we have done the opposite and given homosexuals adoption rights and are even doing all we can to confuse children about their gender by indoctrinating them to be gender neutral. This is exactly how you create gender-dysphoria in a child, you dress them in the opposite gender’s clothes and then lavish affection on them.

One particularly sick couple have now gone one step further and are going through sex change operations while their son is 5-years-old. He is already unsure if he will grow up to be a mummy or a daddy and his wicked parents paint his nails and encourage him to play with dolls. Instead of locking the parents up in psychiatric care and removing the child into protective care, the mainstream media are rewarding the couple with attention and praising their ‘gender neutral’ raising of the boy. This is child abuse plain and simple and people need to be brave enough to speak up about it and define exactly why doing this is so wrong.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: White Victims of Non-White Doctors Ask Why? – AB 091018

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