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Radio Free Northwest: Q and A – RFN 091318

rfn 092018

This week’s episode is a question and answer episode, beginning with Andy Donner explaining why it is not ok to be romantically involved with non-Whites and why he will not be writing sequels to Harold’s novels. Andy is the general secretary of the NWF, not a ghost writer for Harold Covington.

He also points out some flaws in Jordan Peterson’s approach to character and arrives at the conclusion that consistent application of your beliefs is the solution to the character problem.

Gretchen reviews ‘A Child of Christian Blood’ by Edmund Levin this week, which is a trial drama based on a true story about a moderate Jew who gets accused of Jewish ritual murder. He was made a scapegoat by officials who wished to please the Czar and the Jew was eventually found to be innocent, but the real killer has still not been found.

The Trucker is in Wisconsin and has some advice for people heading to the northwest in RVs and places where you can park without paying fees.

Andy returns to answer questions on why he only supports the Butler plan and not other movements in the northwest. Truly bringing a new nation out of an occupied continent will require total dedication to that one purpose and the Butler plan is based on proven historical precedents, set by post-colonial independence movements. With both of those in mind, why would anyone support anything else but the NWF?

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: Q and A – RFN 091318


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