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Aryan Britannia: Left Wing Bigotry and Bullying of Children – AB 100118

ab 100118

Sven Longshanks looks at the replacement of Whites in the television industry, the bullying of children by teachers because their parents are on the political Right and the incredible hypocrisy of Left Wing bigot Owen Jones.

Ofcom have discovered that there are far less Whites and straight people in television than there should be, going by the population percentage. However instead of demanding proportional representation for these under-represented categories, they say that not enough Whites have been replaced yet and we need more Bangladeshis and Pakistanis on TV. They even claim that more Whites need to be replaced in order to compete with Netflix, which is a naked admission that this is not about competing for viewers, but about who can displace the most Europeans.

Anyone who speaks up about this expects to be intimidated and threatened by the Left, but there was a time when wives and children were considered off-limits. This is not so any longer, the Left believes that the end justifies the means and by any means necessary they must shut down all Nationalist debate, even if it means bullying and intimidating the children of patriots and politicians on the Right. The children of Jacob Rees-Mogg were recently accosted and verbally abused on their own doorstep by antifa and now there are more parents coming forward saying the same was done to their children by their own school teachers, who are supposed to be surrogate parents while the child is in class.

The Left will stoop to any low in order to get what they want and appear to be completely incapable of seeing their own hypocrisy. Owen Jones has recently been calling for Tommy Robinson to be entirely de-platformed by the mainstream media, because he is a ‘bigot’. It seems to have escaped Jones’ notice that a bigot is someone who refuses to tolerate hearing anyone else’s viewpoint. It is Owen Jones who is the bigot that refuses to debate people and demands they be silenced instead. He even thinks the interview Tommy did with Sky news was promoting him, when Tommy was so incensed at their misrepresentation that he is going to take them to court over it.

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Aryan Britannia: Left Wing Bigotry and Bullying of Children – AB 100118


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