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Aryan Britannia: Humiliation and Hypocrisy Over the War – AB 111218

ab 111218

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the centenary of the first world war and the hypocrisy of the British government in promoting non-White involvement, while banning Rhodesian veterans from attending.

Germany had to face total humiliation once again, with even the German-hating Angela Merkel questioning why she was being expected to ‘play the Hitler role’ and return to the scene of her own country’s capitulation and loss of territory, which led directly to the second war. Macron was there grinning with glee as Merkel was told what a terrible injustice it was that France had to surrender to Hitler in the second war, but how it was only just and right that Germany surrender and be punished for the first war.

Nationalism is being promoted as the cause of the war, when the truth is that it was diversity that started it, Greeks, Croats, Bulgarians, Austrians and Serbs all squabbling over the same territory that they were expected to share together.

Another lie being promoted is that non-Whites played an important role and should be accorded the same reverence as Whites. Non-Whites were only in the war for the money and few saw any real action, they were no different to paid mercenaries, whereas White people were desperate to enlist to fight for their country, many pretending to be older or younger so that they could take part. The Rhodesians in particular played a courageous role, but to this day are banned from attending because ‘muh racism’.

While the establishment pretends to care about the fallen soldiers, the ones that are still alive are being attacked in their own homes by the same ethnicity they see being celebrated at the Cenotaph. A 98-year-old British veteran was beaten to within an inch of his life last week by burglars and since the area where it happened is 60% non-White and predominantly Black, you can make a safe bet on the ethnicity of the perpetrator, as if the near-killing of such an old White man in order to steal his TV was not enough of a give-away as to their identity.

Max has also been studying the Jews' own press for examples of supremacy, which are mainly showing in their continual treatment of the Labour Party as if they are anti-Semites. The Labour party appear to be getting fed up with this, as they recently refused to suspend two prominent members for being critical of Israel. Anti-Semitism is usually caused by Jewish behaviour, it doesn’t just manifest out of nowhere and there are many that are starting to realise that now on the Left.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Humiliation and Hypocrisy Over the War – AB 111218


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