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Aryan Britannia: The Tyranny of the EU – AB 112618

ab 112618

Sven Longshanks is joined by Max Musson for a live episode looking at the difference between the Brexit we were promised and the Brexit we are going to get.

The leaders of the EU all made a show of signing a declaration on May’s proposal at the weekend, but she still has to get the backing of her own government. The DUP are no longer supporting her, which means she has lost the ten votes she needs for a majority before we even include the other MPs who are refusing to back her. She has desperately been pleading with the public for support, answering questions on talk shows and shouting her voice hoarse in parliament all afternoon, but no support is forthcoming from either Brexiteers or Remoaners.

The last two years have been spent trying to frighten Britain into refusing what she calls a ‘no deal’ Brexit when all this really means, is that we do trade deals on the usual WTO terms. These terms probably do not include freedom of movement, which could be one reason for her reticence at invoking them.

When David Cameron stepped down, he said he was doing so because we needed a Brexiteer to now lead us, in order to get the best deal. This was swiftly forgotten though and Theresa May was pushed forward as the only candidate even partly capable of doing the job of Prime Minister. She went on to over-rule her own Brexit department and made a deal behind her own Brexit secretary’s back, that breaks all her own promises and pleases nobody but her EU masters.

It looks like she is desperately trying to push her plan through, but could this all have just been a charade playing for time? Wasting the last 2 years giving the EU time to prepare it’s worst for us, when we could have left the day after the referendum on WTO terms, the exact same terms that we will likely now be leaving on 2 years later, since her own plan means staying in the customs union, keeping the EU laws and leaving the EU in name only?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: The Tyranny of the EU – AB 112618


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