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Aryan Britannia: Vigilantes and the Verdict – AB 111918

ab 111918

Sven Longshanks covers the final verdict of the Birmingham National Action trial and takes a look at the surge in violent crime there and the vigilante groups forming to deal with it.

The trial is now over and the young family with a new born child have been found guilty of preparing to instigate a race war, although how that could take place while needing to breast feed every few hours wasn’t actually discussed. The jury should really be ashamed of themselves finding this couple guilty when the accusations made wasn’t even physically possible for one of the accused.

Now that the trial is over, there are more details that have been released, such as what it was that sparked these three trials off in the first place. Alex Deakin was arrested after the ban for putting stickers up back when National Action were still legal and the police took his phone, which showed he was still contacting members of NA and still discussing activism with them. This led to the people he was in discussion with also being arrested and charged.

All these charges were centred around the Midlands and it looks like the ex-members there did not take the ban as seriously as elsewhere in the country. It is wrong that people have been found guilty for being members of an organisation that no longer exists, but keeping paraphernalia of that organisation as souvenirs and still associating with people from that organisation was really not a very clever thing to be doing.

A National Action member's infamous joke in bad taste about the killing of Jo Cox can even compared with Jeremy Corbyn’s response to a Conservative MP and 4 others being murdered by IRA terrorists. Corbyn campaigned for the killers and even invited them to the houses of parliament, yet Labour were never designated as a terrorist organisation for supporting the killing of an MP. This is clear political persecution of young Nationalists for wrong-think.

Birmingham itself where the trial was being held at great cost, is currently in the middle of an epidemic of violence very similar to that other centre of diversity London. The police are too frightened to intervene in many instances, after footage has been released online of them being beaten up by non-Whites. The gangs there are armed and getting bolder by the day, with car-jackings taking place in broad daylight, hammer attacks, shootings, stabbings and murders. The police are proving to be so ineffective, that a vigilante group has now formed which started with 400 members and increased to 1,500 by the weekend.

This is something that Max Musson predicted would happen a few months back, it remains to be seen how the police will react to this or whether the vigilante force will do anything other than advise people call the police when they are approached. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Vigilantes and the Verdict  – AB 111918


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