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Aryan Britannia: And Still They Keep Flooding in – AB 120318

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the situation in Britain, where a quarter of a million non-Whites arrived in the last year as part of a deliberate plan to displace the indigenous people.

We are being told that EU immigration is slowing, but non-EU immigration is the highest that it has ever been and it is the non-White immigration that is the real threat. If those intruders breed with the native British people, the offspring will no longer be the descendants of the people who built the country, but a new foreign tribe that will replace the original British people. It is not about a clash of cultures or religions, it is about the replacement of one race with another, which is genocide.

We are being programmed to put the foreigner’s needs above our own, as demonstrated last week when the media was full of one-sided reporting claiming a Syrian boy was water-boarded, when the boy was allegedly part of a Moslem gang that had terrorized a White school girl by kicking, biting and hitting her and had threatened to stab the White boy who only threw water at him. The girl’s mother has now been forced from Facebook and we can thank Tommy Robinson for reporting the truth about the story.

In the capital city of England where 60% of the natives have already been replaced by non-Whites there is so much crime that the police had to just abandon a third of all crime reports and are now only properly investigating ‘homicide, sexual assault, firearms offences, domestic assault, and, of course, “hate crime.’

The answer to this is to keep the rest of Britain from becoming like London and support the people who are publicly trying to solve these problems. People like British Movement, National Front, Western Spring, UKIP, Britain First and Tommy Robinson.

Sign this petition to prevent the UN compact for invasion

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: And Still They Keep Flooding in – AB 120318


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