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Aryan Britannia: May Refuses to Step Down – AB 121718

ab 121718

Sven Longshanks looks back over a busy week that included the signing of the UN invasion compact, the postponing of May’s Brexit vote and a chance missed to get rid of the old traitor.

Normally there isn’t much news in the run-up to Christmas, but last week we had so much happening it will be hard to fit all in to one podcast. The week started with high treason in Marrakech and Britain signing the UN compact for immigration, despite 100,000 Brits signing a petition against it. Countless countries have pulled out of this treaty as it makes it a human right for anyone in the third world to move in to our world and makes it a crime to not be happy about that happening. Thanks to Brexit, the government have managed to slip this past most of the general public, when in Belgium it has brought the whole ruling coalition down.

In Britain itself, May was supposed to be presenting her dog’s dinner of a Brexit deal before parliament on Tuesday, but instead she ran away to Brussels for hugs and kisses with her EU friends, while her own government in Westminster were baying and screeching for her blood. The EU have told her that they will not make any more changes to her plan, yet still she went there for ‘assurances’ instead of facing the wrath of her own people for her treachery.

Running away from the vote infuriated her own party so much, that a vote of no confidence was triggered when the last letter needed to start that process was handed in and on Wednesday morning the cheerful news was heard that we could be rid of her by the end of the day, if the vote went our way. Sadly it didn’t though and the reason for that is not because anyone has confidence in May, but because fear of a Corbyn government was used to promote her staying.

A third of her own party voted against her and will be voting against her Brexit deal, the whole of the DUP will be voting against it and most of Labour will as well. What will happen then is either we leave on WTO terms (no deal) or we will be forced to go through another referendum, which might have been her plan all along. Either way all this could have been avoided if the government had just carried out the instructions given it in the first place. The British people did not vote to do a deal with the EU, they voted to leave the EU and that should have happened the very next day


Music featured this week:

White Wolf - When the Ropes Stretch Tight

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: May Refuses to Step Down – AB 121718


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