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Aryan Britannia: The Political Expression of Nature – AB 122418

ab 122418

Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to look at what Britain has in store for 2019 and Mayor Khan’s demand for a list of criminal gang members to be scrapped because 4/5 of them are Black.

There is unrest all over Europe at the moment, particularly in France where the yellow vests are rioting against globalism and the removal of funds from France to Africa and also in Brussels, where the government has been forced to resign after signing the hated UN migration pact.

However in Britain, the residents of the multicultural ghettoes are still protesting that they want another referendum and that they want to stay in the EU. It is not only the brainwashed public that are calling for this, but also members of parliament who are supposed to be enacting the will of the people and leaving the EU.

It has been postulated that Theresa May’s plan all along may have been to force us into the position where a second referendum may be accepted, but to do so would be completely illegal as we would not be able to stay in the EU unless we had an election for Euro MPs in May. It would be illegal for any member state not to have representation in it’s own Euro MPs and there is no way Britain would have time to hold a euro-election and hold a referendum in the months between January when May puts her deal to the vote and March when we are due to leave. The remoaners do not appear to have thought about this, as it means that no matter how many people support them it is just not possible to either stay in the EU or have another referendum.

Lines are being drawn between those who are still rational and those who are not, anyone normal can see that a list of criminal gang members that has prevented crime is useful, but those who are irrational and delusional are calling the list ‘racist’ because 4/5 of the criminals on it are Black. Instead of realising the gang matrix has identified a problem in the Black community, Sadiq Khan has identified a problem with the list and is calling for it to be removed.

This is all taking place because the authorities are trying to fight against nature by imposing diversity, it is unnatural and as nature tries to correct itself it does so by increasing the number of crimes that the non-White communities are responsible for. Until we respond by separating from them, the crimes will just keep on increasing.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

Aryan Britannia: The Political Expression of Nature – AB 122418


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