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Aryan Britannia: The Sonnenkrieg Arrests – AB 121018

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Sven Longshanks looks at the recent arrests of alleged members of Sonnenkrieg Division for terror offences and the charges against the organisers of last year’s ‘Justice for Chelsey’ protests.

Both the main speaker and the camera woman were arrested and Billy Charlton has been accused of ‘stirring up racial hatred’ for his passionate speeches at the Sunderland rallies. He has also now been remanded for the duration of the trial, after carelessly commenting on another trial going on in the same building on Twitter.

The campaign itself ended with Chelsey being told that if she continued with a private prosecution against her alleged rapists, the government would quash it. That was last November and now a year later, the organisers are themselves in court. This case shows just how distanced the law makers have become from the general public, these protests were entirely spontaneous, there were no organisations involved and the language used at them was just the normal language of the patriotic working class, which the government appears to now see as the enemy.

Three young people have been arrested for comments made online in a private chatroom, that the BBC decided to forward to Police. It is alleged that they were members of a small group of about a dozen Nationalists whose only activity was online, yet they have all been arrested over terrorism offences due to the content of their posts. We cannot say for certain as we have not seen the posts, but judging by the BBC’s recent misrepresentation of Radio Aryan material, they may well have just been swapping what they saw as funny or shocking memes with no intention of acting them out. They may have thought the traitors in power should be tried for their treason and hanged, but that does not mean they were making plans to be the executioner. It seems Law Enforcement on both sides of the Atlantic are now using memes and comments as ‘evidence’ to prove violent intent. Listeners should think about that before making posts anywhere online, even in places they think are private.

There are reports the group itself was an offshoot of Atomwaffen Division and they talked about ‘Universal Order’, which is an ideology we have identified before as a false teaching. It is not up to us to take vengeance for the crimes against us, we have evolved a court system for that over many centuries. If we wish to gain redress, we need to fix that court system, not take the law into our own hands. If we wish to share in the glory of our ancestors, then we also have to pay the price for their mistakes, trying to avoid responsibility for them and thinking we are any better, is insulting to their memory.

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Aryan Britannia: The Sonnenkrieg Arrests – AB 121018


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