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Aryan Britannia: War in France Forces Africans to Flee for Britain – AB 123118

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Sven Longshanks and Max Musson look at the increase in hostile forces invading Britain’s beaches over the festive period and the pathetic response to it from UK Gov.

Since November hundreds of freeloading foreigners have been crossing the English channel from France intent on grabbing whatever they can from the British people by exploiting the White man’s sense of charity and laws meant to protect refugees from war.

Most of these invaders have even been ferried ashore by the RNLI who seem to be providing a taxi service for them. There has only been one border patrol boat in the channel, while the other three have been playing around in the Mediterranean and there are calls to bring two of those back to assist, but not with protecting our borders, to assist with ‘rescuing’ the intruders.

Once the scavengers have managed to attract the attention of Britain’s supposed border defence force, they are not taken straight back to France but are taken to their destination of choice, England. Apparently once they are in British waters, then they have a right to claim asylum in Britain, regardless of the fact there is no war in France, the country that they have just come from.

Dianne Abbott is calling for more boats to assist them as part of the state plot to displace the native inhabitants, but the former head of border security is saying we must make a deal with France to take them back. All the while they think they will be let into Britain they will attempt it, regardless of if any die, life is ridiculously cheap in non-White countries.

There’s no need to be worried about the situation though, as the UK’s most famous 'son of a Pakistani bus driver' Sajid Javid has assured the country that he has it all under control and has even appointed a special gold commander to relay the details to him of how many arrive each day.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: War in France Forces Africans to Flee for Britain – AB 123118


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