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The Daily Nationalist: BBC Recruit Listeners for Radio Aryan – DN 120418

dn 120418

Sven Longshanks refutes allegations made by the BBC by playing the quotes in full that they misled viewers about and asks why the BBC are recruiting listeners for Radio Aryan without permission.

The BBC tried to link Radio Aryan to a barely known organisation called SRN last night that the BBC are obviously trying to hype up. They falsely used a quote by former Radio Aryan guest host Alex Davies to imply he supported criminal vandalism and was trying to recruit people for this organisation. The truth is that he just directed listeners to check out their funny memes on Gab and advised that they may be illegal if posted publicly.

By implying that Radio Aryan are recruiting for this organisation simply by someone mentioning them a couple of times 9 months ago, the BBC are admitting that they are recruiting listeners for Radio Aryan by mentioning the site multiple times on their program last night.

Radio Aryan does not support criminal vandalism and the vandalism associated with SRN looks like it was not carried out by Nationalists anyway, since they clearly have no practice at drawing a swastika and signed the name of the organisation to the vandalism. The organisation also burns the British flag, whereas the podcast the BBC tried to link with them has ‘Rule Britannia’ as the into song.

A short analysis of the program with the original clips they tried to misuse is presented, along with some discussion of legalities.

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Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: BBC Recruit Listeners for Radio Aryan – DN 120418


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