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The Daily Nationalist: Nationalists Jailed While Jihadi Swordsman Walks Free – DN 122118

dn 122118

Sven Longshanks asks what is going on in our courts, where sword-wielding Moslems who attack cops are set free, while young Nationalists get 5 to 6 years for fantasizing in a chatroom & dressing up at home.

A Moslem tried in London for attacking police with a sword while yelling ‘Allah is great’ has been found ‘not guilty’ of terrorism, despite drawing pictures of himself killing police, searching beheading videos online, admitting supporting ISIS and writing a suicide note describing his terrorist intentions and telling his family to fight against British soldiers. When the jury read out their verdict, he saluted them.

This happened in the same week that 6 young people who had tenuous links to National Action back when it existed as a legal protest group, were given jail sentences of 5 and 6 years each, for continuing to be members of the group. The proof of their continuing membership, appears to be that some of them liked to dress up and others fantasized in a chatroom. No accusations of carrying out any terrorist acts were made, only a reference to putting stickers on a war memorial back when the group were legal.

The establishment likes to claim that when the alternative media criticise their policies on diversity, this leads to people becoming radicalised and carrying out terrorism. But these two trials in themselves are enough to radicalise people, the three police who were attacked must be fuming that the attacker was let off and similarly, all the friends and family of the young nationalists jailed now have no choice but to believe this was a purely political prosecution.

It is the state’s own actions that are radicalising people, from Moslems that see Britain as an enemy of their faith, to British patriots who now see Britain as more interested in jailing dissent than in jailing would-be murderers. If there was evidence to show they were members of National Action, then they should be found guilty, but a sentence of 6 years for a non-violent crime is incredibly excessive and just damages the social contract between the state and it’s citizens.


Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Nationalists Jailed While Jihadi Swordsman Walks Free – DN 122118


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