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Aryan Britannia: Brexit Treason at Westminster – AB 011319

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Treason was a capital offence until Tony Blair removed it from the statute books. Now we can see why.

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the week’s Brexit shenanigans, the arrest of the Yellow Vests’ James Goddard and the truth about failed asylum seekers being sent back.

Speaker Bercow is in hot water after breaking with tradition and allowing remoaners to table an amendment to May’s Brexit bill when it was already being debated in Parliament. Brexiteers then tried to do the same and were rejected in a clear display of partisanship on the part of the supposedly unbiased Speaker.

This traitor to democracy hatched his plot with Dominic Grieve the night before and despite being told by his clerks that to do so would be unlawful, the Speaker ploughed ahead and did it anyway. There are now calls to have him stripped of the peerage that is given to all Speakers and for him to resign.

What he has effectively done is to force May to reveal her plan ‘B’ within 3 days of the results of the vote on her deal, which prevents her from having any time to make adjustments to the deal with the EU.

The only real way for her out of this is to call a general election for a date after Brexit. This would prevent any more changes to the Brexit preparations and ensure Brexit happened as it would mean Parliament would have to stand down and start campaigning. This would also steal the thunder from Corbyn who is hoping to call a vote of no confidence after hearing her Plan ‘B’ and set the date for the election himself.

After the EU elections in May there will be no British Euro-MPs in the EU anyway and without representation Britain cannot still be a member, so the calls for a referendum or for staying in the EU are not legally possible for now, unless the EU make changes and allow the British Euro MPs to stay in position.

Anything could really happen next week but the best outcome for Nationalists would be for May to call a general election and force through Brexit on WTO terms which is what everybody voted to do 2 years ago anyway.

James Goddard the spokesman for the British Yellow Vests was effectively neutralised on Saturday via bail conditions for a public order offence related to him singing ‘Soubry is a Nazi’. Bail conditions have become a way for the State to silence activists that are getting too successful and these charges may not even be heard in court as despite what Soubry says, calling someone a ‘nazi’ is not against the law and if a precedent is set by using it as evidence in court for a public order offence, then all the antifa at Nationalist demonstrations will have to start watching their language too. This is unlikely to happen, but would be very entertaining if it did.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Treason at Westminster – AB 011419


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