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Aryan Britannia: The Foreign Aid Scam – AB 010719

AB 010719

Sven Longshanks looks at the lies used to con Britain into giving away billions in foreign aid & the recent horrific murder of a White father on a train by a Black stranger.

Justine Greening has been exposed as lying to the government in order to get Cameron to sign up to giving away 0.7% of Britain’s annual income to foreign nations. She claimed that British aid had lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty, when all it had really done is give them access to getting into debt via “financial services such as savings, credit and mobile banking”.

Cameron responded to the fake figures by committing Britain to handing over 14 billion pounds a year to the most corrupt countries in the world. Seventeen out of the top twenty most corrupt countries are in receipt of it, including Yemen, Somalia, Congo and Syria, the countries most likely to be sending their excess population into Europe. Foreign Aid does not help the third world improve it’s living standards, it just helps those linked to the corruption to afford the boat trip to Europe.

Once they get to Britain, they bring their customs and traditions with them including a propensity for extreme violence which the mainstream media then does it’s best to hide from the public. The most recent instance of this was a White father brutally stabbed to death in front of his young son, by a young Black thug in broad daylight on a train. This wasn’t in one of the multicultural centres either, but in Surrey. The national media reported on the level of extreme violence and asked for witnesses, but gave no description of the wanted man until at least ten hours later when they had no choice but to tell us as he was still on the loose.

Of course all Nationalists knew the ethnicity of the killer simply because White people don’t tend to stab people they have just met to death in front of a carriage full of people. Britain’s public transport is rapidly turning into a no-go zone for Whites, just like it is in America and the people that should be protecting us from the foreign hordes, the army, are more intent on recruiting them than fighting them. The latest adverts for the army are looking specifically for Black millennial females, Brown people addicted to their iphones and White SJW snowflakes. Our enemies are not just intent on replacing us all, they also wish to destroy all our institutions.

Music used: 1488 – Reverse ‘68

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: The Foreign Aid Scam – AB 010719


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