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Aryan Britannia: Tommy Turns the Tables – AB 022519

Sven Longshanks reviews Tommy Robinson’s Panorama protest and documentary along with a fantastic speech by Paul Golding, before highlighting a win against anti-White racism in the Police.

Paul Golding from Britain First recently made an excellent speech after a protest in Dover, a speech so good it could have been a young Richard Edmonds giving it. It appeared to be without notes, it was passionately delivered and there was only one word in it that some Nationalists might not like. 

Britain First wish to stop all immigration to Britain immediately and if this is the new direction they are heading in, we should be giving them as much support as we can.

Tommy Robinson also played a blinder recently, when he turned the tables on his enemies by getting 10,000 patriots to attend the premier screening of his new documentary, showing the BBC’s lies and their collusion with Left Wing terrorist agitators Hope Not Hate.

Tommy finally aired the film on a giant screen outside the BBC Centre in Salford, which showed one of the BBC’s top journalists arranging to misrepresent their guest’s words and audio recordings to pretend Tommy had sexually assaulted her.

Ex-employees of his also told how they had been blackmailed by Hope Not Hate into working with them and an allegation of homosexual rape was made against one Hope Not Hate researcher.

Whatever you may think of Tommy, we can all be thankful that someone has finally had the resources to expose both organisations like this and if there is any justice, neither should have any credibility ever again.

As well as scoring a huge win with the Tommy demo, we also had a landmark victory in the courts last week. A White man who applied to join the Police was turned down for the job because he was not Black, gay or disabled. Instead of just accepting this, he took the Police to court under equalities law and won!

The court proved that the Police had lowered the standards in the test and made it a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ in order to allow Blacks to pass in much higher numbers than they normally would. They then offered all the Black candidates a job but none of the Whites.

This is blatant anti-White discrimination and the judge found in our favour for the first time ever. The plaintiff will now be awarded damages for being discriminated against.

Music by Xenocide

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Tommy Turns the Tables – AB 022519


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