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Aryan Britannia: The Usual Suspects – AB 020419

Sven Longshanks looks at the zombie knife attacker’s new sentence, Moslem necrophilia, a non-White car-jacking gang and a surprising pushback against degeneracy from the Anglican community.

The public were outraged last year when Black zombie knife attacker Joshua Gardner was only given a suspended sentence for trying to smash his way into a car and kill the driver with a huge zombie knife, in broad daylight and in front of mothers on their school run.

After a huge number of complaints, his sentence has been increased to three and a half years, which is still far too lenient as it means he will be out in eighteen months. What people are not being told are the reasons why his sentence was reduced to nothing in the first place. In 2017 the judges and magistrates were told that when sentencing teenagers, they must consider the vastly disproportionate numbers of Blacks in prison and that if there is a chance they may have experienced ‘discrimination’ in the past, then the judge should not give them a prison sentence. The result of this directive is that dangerous criminals whose cases are not as high profile as Gardner’s, get to walk free from court to carry on with their criminal behaviour.

The crime wave hitting Britain has not just been about an increase in levels of crime, but also the carrying out of crimes never before seen in a White country. A Moslem burglar has been given six years for lifting the lids from multiple coffins at a funeral parlour and desecrating the bodies of two women. He admitted raping a corpse and blamed a drug induced psychosis for his behaviour, but he was clearly sober enough to break into the funeral parlour and steal from it before sexually assaulting the corpse on his way out.

Also happening in multicultural Birmingham an extremely violent gang of non-Whites have been jailed for car jackings. The gang all have the usual names, Mohammed, Khan and Imran, you would think that the Police would automatically look for people with those names whenever a crime was reported they feature so much in the news. They also look extremely unpleasant and the first instinct anyone would have on seeing them is to avoid them, but instead of encouraging that we call it ‘discrimination’ and tell people it is wrong to listen to their instincts upon seeing other races.

One rather unlikely source of resistance to the modern Liberal agenda is the Anglican church, who proudly boast of overturning millennia of tradition in consecrating women priests, evangelizing to Africans and now to ‘celebrating’ sex change operations. However the majority of the Anglican church are refusing to accept this last one and two thousand clergy and laity have written a letter to the Bishops claiming the instruction lacks serious theological analysis and raises significant issues for church belief and practice. Baptism is supposed to be about a new life as Christian, not celebrating cutting your genitals off.     

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: The Usual Suspects – AB 020419


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