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Aryan Insights: Grandpa Lampshade is Innocent – AI 021119

Sven Longshanks is joined by Grandpa Lampshade to refute the disgusting lies and slander published by Huffington Post about him.

Nobody has tried to prevent Nationalists from breaking the law more than Grandpa, yet HuffPoop thought they could get away with pointing the finger at him and telling their readership that it was his posts on Gab that radicalised Bowers to go shooting up a synagogue.

Unfortunately for Huffington Post though, the FBI had already been in touch with Grandpa to tell him they had investigated his content and pronounced it innocent of breaking any laws or of encouraging violence. They told him the FBI had received a mountain of false accusations, but when they investigated Grandpa and Radio Aryan, they could find nothing to support their claims. The Huffington Post’s news story should have been ‘Man Found Innocent of False Charges Made by Leftists’ but instead they chose to lie to the world and claim he was guilty!

Grandpa was the first to condemn Bowers and we have a clear policy on violence associated with Nationalism, we do all we can to prevent it. Grandpa has made countless podcasts pointing out how attacks of that nature achieve nothing other than to get us de-platformed, put Nationalists in prison and give us a bad name.

This article was their cowardly way of trying to silence his political views because they know full well that his views are correct. They even infer this by not daring to rebut any of his quotes in their screed.

Because they have lied about him like this Grandpa has now lost his job, but the cheap hacks weren’t satisfied with just that, they had to bring his wife and kid into the story as well..

Grandpa had retired from podcasting, but now he has no choice but to continue as he has no other way of earning a livelihood. He is also considering putting his old archive back up so that people can see for themselves that he never called for any violence, far from it, he constantly warned against it.

Grandpa could really do with some financial help now that he has been fired from his job for his political opinions. He is also looking for the name of a good attorney to use.

You can donate by sending cash or check made out to Dan Jeffreys at this PO Box:

Legal Fund
PO Box 6621

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Grandpa Lampshade

Aryan Insights: Grandpa Lampshade is Innocent – AI 021119


Grandpa Lampshade may well be back on Radio Aryan again some time soon we hope.
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