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Church of the Lampshade: The Winning Team – GL 021919

It's a brand new day and a brand new show, The Church of the Lampshade Episode 1. If you're not a Christian believer fear not, we've got a visit coming your way before we head in for this week's sermon. It is my plan to keep tweaking and working out this new show and new format a bit so bear with me. The thing is, so much has changed in the past few weeks that as we open a new chapter in where we are going, we've got to start fresh with a new style of show.

For those of you who are still clinging to the belief that if you keep your head down the Left will ultimately leave you alone, I would point to just a few short weeks ago when the MAGA teens were being persecuted in the media. These young people did nothing but stand there while being verbally assaulted by leftist agitators and what did we see? They were called "Hitler youth", we were told that Trump hats were the new Klan hoods and the school had to close due to the number of death threats issued by leftists. I do not know the level of self delusion you would need to be under to believe the Left would only demonize people such as myself or others on the hard right and that somehow they're going to pass you on by and leave you be. They have already shown that this is not what they will do.

As we convene the new expanded Church of the Lampshade we are going to discuss the mind set of being on the winning team. All too often we as Christian believers have what I refer to as a doormat mind set. We act as though the only time or the only way we can win is after we die and in the meantime it is our role to just be abused by this world. I am telling you it is time to shed that mind set. What father cares not about how his children are treated? Our father in heaven cares very much about what happens to you and the injustices you face. Why should you accept the role of being kicked around and abused by this world? How are you ever going to see a victory in the Lord if you have given up on the very idea of seeing any sort of victory in this lifetime? You mush shed this attitude and grasp the fact that you have power now. You have a more powerful backer than your enemies. You need to leave room for God's victory.

Again I'll keep working on the show. This is instalment number one and we'll no doubt be fine tuning this thing and making it a little more streamlined. Nonetheless we are opening a new chapter in our struggle and our march forward and I'm grateful for all of you who have just joined.

Thank you again for your continued support! We have legal counsel working on a plan moving forward. Please continue to support what we are doing and myself and my family in this struggle by sending donations to this address:

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Thank you again.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: The Winning Team – GL 021919


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