The Daily Nationalist: Trump’s State of the Union Speech – DN 020719 - Radio Albion


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The Daily Nationalist: Trump’s State of the Union Speech – DN 020719

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss the President’s pathetic speech to congress, which may as well have been made by any puppet President before him.

Donald Trump heavily let his base down with this year’s speech, right from the start it was apparent he was trying to please the Left instead of the Right.

He tried to rest on past glories such as winning the war and landing a man on the moon, without apparently wondering why America had not achieved anything of any merit in the decades since.

He claimed to want to stop all illegal immigration and listed the problems associated with it, but they were problems associated with all immigration, not just the illegal variety.

He then boasted of wanting people to come into the country in the largest numbers ever and slapped all his supporters in the face by doing so.

He crowed about getting more Blacks and women into work than ever before, as if they are the sort of people that he needed to impress. Blacks and women have already shown they have no interest in him, he needs to be appealing to the White working class, the people who voted him in and are now fast losing faith in him.

Even his wall has now become a ‘see through steel barrier’ that will only appear in a few places.
This may turn out to be his last gesture of compromise to the Democrats before finally giving an executive order to get it done, but the chances of that happening now are very slim.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Trump’s State of the Union Speech – DN 020719


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