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The Daily Nationalist: The Truth is Racist – DN 021119

Lance Corporal Inoke Momonakaya could easily pass for a Taliban with a sheet wrapped round his head

Sven Longshanks looks at a Black soldier awarded $500,000 for being laughed at in the army and a mother jailed for debating a transgender online.

Most people when they first discover racial truths think that what they have just found out can’t be racist because it is true. They hold to the belief that since it would be insane to make the truth illegal, they should have nothing to fear from discussing politically incorrect facts as what kind of a state builds a society based on lies?.

In the army you expect to be mocked and ridiculed by your superiors as they work on toughening you up. This teasing will usually be based around the first impressions you make on the officer. If you have a big nose you may be called nosey, if you are Welsh you may be taffy and mocked for eating leeks, Paddy if you are Irish and mocked for being a drunkard. If you are Black it stands to reason that if you are going to be treated the same as everyone else, then it will most likely be your skin colour that will be highlighted and things associated with that.

Except to treat Blacks in the same way you would treat Whites is now ‘racist’. A Black soldier has just been handed half a million pounds because his superiors joked that he looked like a Taliban and did not want to swim because he was Black, both of which are easily verifiable facts and a sign the soldier was well liked, not that the officer wanted to ruin his career.

We don’t know if his superiors were punished for joking with him, but we do know a young mother was recently jailed and taken away from her children simply for debating a mutilated man online and referring to him as man.

If the state can get us to say that black is white and men are women, then it can get us to do anything it wants, including turn us against one another, which is the real reason for making speaking the truth a crime. It prevents us from uniting against them, the same as inserting ethnic minorities among us does. Diversity is not a strength, a house divided against itself will not stand and all the while we are calling out our own people for being racist or transphobic, we are just fighting among ourselves instead of against our enemies.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Truth is Racist – DN 021119


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