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Aryan Britannia: Brexit Blackmail – AB 031819

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the current state of play with Brexit and the British response to the New Zealand mosque murders.

Whether Brexit can be saved now or not is down to the goodwill of Nationalist minded leaders in the EU such as Orban or Salvini. The British government have voted to not leave on March 29th and to ask the EU for an extension instead. This extension can only happen if all heads of EU member states vote to allow it, so it is down to them now whether we leave or not.

After having her withdrawal agreement voted down twice by a massive majority, Theresa May is now resorting to blackmail to try and force it through a third time. If MPs still vote against it next week, she is threatening to keep us in the EU for ever.

As well as showing the world that British democracy is a sham, this whole debacle has also demonstrated that women are not suited to high-powered political leadership roles. May has aged a decade since this began and last week she was so haggard she could barely even croak, let alone talk. She does not have the stamina for the job and you can see from the grimaces she pulls that her own inner self is constantly telling her to stop.

Although the mosque massacre happened on the other side of the world, there have been arrests in Britain for misguided tweets about it and police are looking into a claim that the killer visited Britain for 2 weeks on his trip to Europe. Contrasting the Manchester attack with the Christchurch one, we see that regardless of who the victims are, it is always the Moslems that are given special protection outside their mosques. You would think Tommy Robinson, Gerard Batten and others would be given special protection this time round, since ‘moderate’ mosques are given that protection after every suicide bombing.

We should also put the killings into perspective by reminding ourselves of the Bataclan massacre where young Whites were tortured to death in the most hideous ways, not just shot at. We should also remember all the Christians killed weekly and all the church massacres taking place in Syria, Egypt and Africa. Why do we not hear about them and why do our politicians not wear crosses out of respect to the victims, if they are going to wear head scarves in solidarity with Moslems after this one individual attack on them?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Blackmail – AB 031819


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