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Aryan Britannia: The Fantasies of Dianne Abbott – AB 031119

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the upcoming Brexit vote, the rising public disgust at Britain’s immigration policy and the failure of politicians to recognise it.

Theresa May’s deal will be voted on Tuesday, then ‘no deal’ Brexit Wednesday and extending Article 50 on Thursday. All of these votes represent treason against the British people, who voted against doing any more deals with the EU in favour of leaving instead. The most recent polls show 44% back ‘no deal’ Brexit and only 30% doing a deal. Theresa May is now so desperate to push her bill through she is rumoured to be promising to step down in April if parliament passes it. By next weekend we will know for definite what is to happen and we will be covering it in more detail then.

This weekend we have had to suffer wall to wall coverage of how jihadi bride Shamimia Begum’s baby has died in a Syrian refugee camp. A baby that we do not even know for certain ever existed and even if it did, it was not a British citizen either by blood or by place of birth.

Save the Children and various Leftist politician’s have come forward to claim the child’s death is on the hands of the British government, while the general British public are completely mystified as to why this one death among millions in Syria warrants headline news.

What should be news is the council that are being sued for placing a Moslem child terrorist with White foster parents. The child told the authorities he wanted to kill the British, was caught at school sending funds to ISIS and then tried to blow himself up on a train where he injured 51 people.

In Teeside one hundred local pupils have been told there are no places for them in their local schools, because they have accepted a classroom full of new foreign arrivals instead.

The public are sick of this, from one end of the country to the other wherever the foreigners have been allocated homes there has been a rise in crime, terrorist plots foiled, girls turned into sex slaves, a shortage of school places, no room in the hospitals and when people speak up about this, they get accused of racism.

It is not just the Nationalists speaking about these issues now either, it is the general public who are finding that when they voice the fears that they hear all around them, they are slandered and smeared in the media and by the local traitor politicians.

At least we have Dianne Abbott’s ludicrous fantasies about being raped be neo-nazis to give us some light relief, until you realise she could be the next home secretary if Jeremy Corbyn gets in.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: The Fantasies of Dianne Abbott – AB 031119


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