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Church of the Lampshade: Judgement – GL 032619

Episode #6 of The Church of the Lampshade comes your way this week and as we continue trying new things with the podcast, I thought we'd do something a little different. Today we're joined by GAB poster Tighty Whitey. Tighty Whitey was recently approached by the FBI (sound familiar?) for his provocative posts on the internet. While we still try to hold on to what is left of our second amendment rights, we are being faced with the reality that these second amendment rights are shrinking daily. I thought it would be informative for the listeners to hear TW's story in order for them to make better choices as to what they decide to post online. While we want to hold on to as much of our second amendment as possible and the choice of what to post or not is left up to the individual, we would be remiss if we were to fail to share this information. The fact of the matter is, even if you simply consider yourself a harmless troll/shit poster on the internet it is very much in the realm of possibility that you too could receive a visit from the feds.

Our talk with Tighty Whitey went a little further into the show than our normal intro visits do, so the Church segment was a little shorter. Don't worry though, it's not short on information for you to consider and help grow in your faith. Our topic this week relates to whether or not you are allowed to judge. We've often heard the verse about judging not lest we be judged and it's trotted out quite often by the modern church cucks to justify excusing every sort of degenerate behavior and every kind of sin. Not to mention, people wind up blindly walking into bad situations because they think their faith requires them to ignore all good judgment. We'll break it down in short order in the second half.

I do believe that we have quite an informative show this week. As always, our intention is to provoke thought and discussion and I believe we have much for you to think about and discuss in this episode of The Church of the Lampshade show.

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Church of the Lampshade: Judgement – GL 032619


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