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Church of the Lampshade: Somali Privilege – GL 031219

We're already up to instalment number 4 of the all new Church of the Lampshade show with your host Grandpa Lampshade and the haters keep on hating, but we just keep on marching forward in truth.

One of the things I've found quite amusing this past week has been the commotion surrounding the Somali Moslem Congresswoman, who up to this point has been lauded for her diversity and praised for blessing us with her very presence as someone not white and not male. Yet she came out recently and pointed to a few obvious truths when it comes to the Jews and all of a sudden, it was like a second Holocaust. The usual cries of anti-Semitism were raised to the roof. Demands were made that a resolution be passed condemning her for her anti-Semitism (i.e. pointing out anything to do with the Jews). Yet something funny happened: they didn't get it. Instead they got some blanket condemnation of bigotry (in other words: we can all come together and agree that White people are bad) and nothing on the anti-Semitism. This caused much kvetching and gnashing of teeth. Just as with Soviet Bolshevism we see a creation of the Jews turn around to bite them and it's not something that is surprising in the least and yet they act shocked that this comes about. They act as though Somali Moslems are going to care when they bring up "Muh Holocaust". Don't get me wrong, I'm not falling in love with Somali Moslems, but I do find it funny how all this backfired on them. She said nothing remotely controversial and in fact she stated a plain fact that would have fit right in on one of my shows and yet she's still in Congress and I'm still unemployed. What's not to find lulzy about that?

Another of the lies we've been convinced of is the lie that the quality of our life is centered around how much stuff we have. This topic will wind up merging with our sermon this week, but I think it's important that we break free of this lie that we've all fallen into at some point or another. The meaning of your life should not be measured on the scale of how much stuff you have. This lie has been instrumental in keeping people locked into a state of unhappiness, debt and frustration. Today we'll start breaking free.

Our sermon this week centers on the power of prayer and our role in our prayers and what and how we ask our Father for the things we need and want. I often see two examples of misled Christianity: the belief that the more miserable we are the more righteous we are and the belief that God's role is that of Santa or some sort of prayer slot machine, giving us whatever we ask for because we're somehow special. Both are incorrect and today we'll delve down to the truth and attempt to break free of both these false doctrines.

There are a lot of things happening and a lot of developments coming down the road folks. We're going to stay on top of them right here on the all new Church of the Lampshade show so be sure to join us each week. You're not going to want to miss it!
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Church of the Lampshade: Somali Privilege – GL 031219


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