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The Daily Nationalist: Modern Anti-Semitism – DN 031319

Sven Longshanks is joined by Carolyn Yeager to discuss the changing definition of anti-Semitism and how it is now associated with the Left and not the Right.

In America as in Britain, anti-Semitism is now linked with the Left and not the Right. This is due to the definition changing to mean criticism of the country Israel and most of that is being done on the Left, with the Right showing it’s support for Israel. This plays well for Trump, as despite the Jewish press constantly attacking him, his unwavering support for Israel makes any claims of his being anti-Semitic fail.

The word ‘Zionism’ also appears to have changed, where once it meant the Jews controlling all the governments of the world to make them serve Israel’s and the Jews’ interests, most on the Right now associate it purely with Jewish Nationalism and Jews having their own homeland, which it would be a hypocrisy for a Nationalist to deny them.

Due to the increase in Jewish control everywhere that was the result of the second world war, it would be impossible now for a large organisation to be openly critical of Jews. If the AFD were to have criticised their involvement in immigration policy, the German political police would have shut them down. If UKIP were to have done the same they would have been declared terrorists by the British home secretary.

It is still possible to look back at history and correct the wrongs though, which has to be done if anyone wants to have a truthful understanding of why the world is the way that it is today. If we are to avoid repeating the same mistakes that led to this situation in our own lives, then we have to identify why our ancestors allowed all this to happen and prevent ourselves from falling for the same tricks.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Carolyn Yeager

The Daily Nationalist: Modern Anti-Semitism – DN 031319


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