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The Daily Nationalist: More Police Wont Solve the Problem – DN 020819

Sven Longshanks looks at the recent spate of stabbings in Britain and the deception that more police officers could prevent it from happening.

There are now so many stabbings occurring in Britain that school children are being given lessons in how to stop the blood flow and administer first aid if one of their friends is mugged.

The head of the Met Police and the usual non-White race-baiters are now blaming cuts in policing for the problem, after previously blaming a lack of youth clubs and less funds directed at ‘deprived’ areas.

This is nonsense, just the other day the Police were waiting at a college for a gang to arrive with knives to stab someone and they failed to stop them, only arrested half the gang and then freed them again to walk the streets.

Claiming that youths will stab one another if they are not given enough toys to play with or places to hang out is an insult to all the decent young White kids who grew up with none of the modern facilities the inner city Black areas have.

The only way to lower the crime rate is to separate the people doing it from those who are not doing it. Put them in their own areas, with their own Police, their own teachers and their own courts. At least then there would be no more White families torn apart like young Jodie Chesney’s, after she was stabbed in the back by a Black gang while innocently sitting on a park bench with her boyfriend.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: More Police Wont Solve the Problem – DN 020819


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