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The Daily Nationalist: Radio Aryan in the News II – DN 032519

Sven Longshanks looks at a slew of articles cynically exploiting the mosque massacre as an excuse to lie about Radio Aryan supporting it.

The Jewish press were the first to lie about us last week, claiming that we had a Facebook page which an MP had got taken down and that we had been praising the views of Brenton Tarrant.

They seem to think people are too stupid to look for themselves to see whether that is true or not, since it is quite obvious in every podcast that we do not support solving our problems with violence.

The Times then jumped on the bandwagon and announced they had succeeded in getting a non-existent Youtube channel of ours removed, as an excuse to repeat the same disinfo from the Jewish press.

We would be pretty stupid to base our business model on using either Facebook or Youtube, as it would mean the loss of all our hard work as soon as the station got more than a few listeners.

It would also mean relying on our enemies instead of on our own initiative, so there was no Facebook or Youtube page for them to take down.

They also boasted of getting a Twitter account banned which was actually something to do with us, but Twitter were unable to find even one flagged tweet to use as evidence as the account had been voluntarily blocked by us for some time, to ensure only vetted followers could see our podcast titles on there. The account was blocked from appearing in searches due to our own wish not to be seen by people likely to take offence. It could not even be retweeted to other people, so all this shows is that Twitter will jump when The Times clicks it’s fingers.

The Mail decided to repeat the same story and then the Metro got even further from the truth and claimed we had been sharing Tarrant’s manifesto, when we explicitly stated right from first hearing about it that we would not be doing that.

All of these news agencies expose themselves as creating fake news by writing stories like this, which can easily be checked by their readers for themselves simply by looking up our site.

What it shows is desperation on their part, they desperately want us to have done these things so they report that we have, in the hopes the police will then investigate and find that we have.

Only we haven’t, because we are genuine about what we say in our mission statement about condemning violence and not wishing to offend people.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Radio Aryan in the News II – DN 032519


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