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Aryan Britannia: Brexit Betrayal and Jayda Found Guilty – AB 040119


Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the Brexit betrayal, the ongoing National Action trial, Jayda Fransen found guilty of hate speech & the new stop and search guidelines.

We were supposed to have left the EU last Friday, Theresa May promised us no less than 108 times that we would and she even gave us a specific time for it of 11pm.

Thousands of Brexiteers travelled to Westminster to make their disgust felt at being betrayed when Brexit didn’t happen, yet there were only a few arrests made as Patriots are generally very well behaved when they are not being attacked by antifa terrorists.

The government tried to pass Theresa May’s hated surrender deal through for a third time on orders from the EU commisars where it failed once again. Now she is threatening to put it to vote again on Monday. This is like continually sending the same coursework back to a teacher expecting different marks because it’s getting nearer to the end of term.

The new leaving date is April 12th and if we do not leave then with ‘no deal’ and on WTO terms, then Britain will be taking part in the EU elections. This will be a great chance to register a protest vote and no doubt Tommy Robinson will be voted in as a Euro MP. So which of those two options do the government fear the most?

Proscribed organisation National Action are in the news again with a new group of hapless youngsters being accused of terrorism simply for talking to the wrong people in chatrooms, specifically someone already found guilty of being a member post ban. However the trial so far has just concentrated on highlighting sensational views that the accused have, rather than anything linking them to National Action. This looks like the CPS are testing the water to see how far they can spread the net of anti-terror legislation without a jury rejecting it.

Jayda Fransen has also been facing a lot of challenges recently, on top of being told she cannot live in her own house in Northern Ireland and must instead pay for a hotel in England in order to sign on with her probation officer, she has now been found guilty of stirring up racial hatred for a speech against Islam in Belfast. She will be sentenced in May.

Despite being able to waste money on prosecuting people for speaking, the number of knife crimes in Britain continues to soar and the latest band aid being applied is a change in stop and search laws to remove the need to have reasonable suspicion before searching. In practice this meant Police could not search someone because they fit a witness description if they were Black, they had to have some information on the individual beforehand. Now they can stop and search whoever they like again and this change may lead to a few more knives being taken off the street, but the people concerned will just find some other way to kill one another. The only way to bring the crime rate back to an acceptable level is to deport the people groups most likely to be engaged in it. But of course that would be racist, since Blacks are massively over-represented as both the attackers and the victims in all violent crime and particularly with knives and guns.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Betrayal and Jayda Found Guilty – AB 040119


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