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Aryan Britannia: The Rising Star of Sargon of Akkad – AB 042219

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast discussing Sargon’s good example to follow when dealing with the media and the shock news that 40% of conservative Party councillors say they will be voting for Farage’s Brexit party instead of their own.

Carl Benjamin UKIP MEP candidate has really been standing up to the mainstream media recently, at UKIP’s press conference he refused to apologise for tweeting that even he would not want to rape a left wing MP called Jess Phillips, before reminding the assembled journalists that his Youtube channel is more popular than any of the establishment media ones.

He has refused to apologise for being politically incorrect and is getting masses of coverage by doing so. UKIP are currently polling at around 7%, while Farage’s vote splitting Brexit party are leading with around 30%, more than both Labour and the Conservatives. Carl Benjamin and Mark Meecham are both still likely to win their seats though, through the masses of support they have among their viewers.

Even the Conservative Party’s own councillors are so sick of their own party’s treason that almost half have said they will be voting for Farage’s Brexit Party in the EU election instead of for the Conservatives! A poll released at the weekend said this may change if Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May, or even Nigel Farage himself.

This is unprecedented that an establishment party could be so out of touch with it’s members and grass roots support that half the ones in office leave to support another party. At least one Conservative branch have gone on strike and said they will not be lifting a finger to help the Conservative campaign in the EU elections.

Theresa May has not only screwed Brexit up, but she’s killed her own party in the process.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: The Rising Star of Sargon of Akkad – AB 042219


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