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Aryan Britannia: UK Populists Drive Fever Pitch Hysteria – AB 042919

Sven Longshanks looks at foreign attempts to meddle in the EU election and the escalating media hysteria over Sargon and Tommy’s candidacy, before discussing a police report that claims race has nothing to do with knife crime.

The hysteria in the mainstream media reached fever pitch last week and over the weekend, in a desperate attempt at getting Gerard Batten to drop his support for Sargon. They are not used to people refusing to apologise or disavow and it shows in their reporting. They literally have nowhere left to go now, after repeating long-debunked fake screen shots of Sargon supporting paedophilia and the language they use to describe him and Tommy is hilarious.

Neither of them are any more than slightly right of centre liberals, but according to the press they are ‘far right extremists’ and Tommy has been on a campaign ‘terrorising the Black and Moslem communities up and down Britain’. This is so obviously not true that all they succeed in doing is completely discrediting themselves in the eyes of the public.

Like the boy who cried wolf so many times when the real wolf arrived nobody noticed, the more they attack the populists for being ‘far right extremists’ the more likely it is that the populist supporters will crossover to genuine ethno-nationalism.

Both Sargon’s and Tommy’s official campaign Twitters have been banned, which is direct foreign meddling in a British election and proof that they are trying to censor all genuine opposition to the globalist regime. This only serves to damage Twitter’s reputation all the more and may even result in legal problems for them. If Trump is not allowed to block people from his tweets because a judge ruled that Twitter was a ‘designated public platform’, then they have no right to start removing public political campaigns from it.

Aside from the highly entertaining EU elections, Britain is still suffering from a huge increase in knife crime but the latest research being given to Police claims there is no link to race. This sleight-of-hand is achieved by blaming low school achievements and broken homes for the stabbings, when both of these are traits also associated with being Black.

Once again they claim the problem should be treated as a health crisis and that locking people up and searching youths will not prevent it. That’s because there is no way to prevent Blacks from being more likely to be violent, but you can protect the rest of us simply by segregating the races. This would probably lower the rates of Black on Black crime as well, since there would be no friction caused by clashes of culture in an entirely Black area.

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Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: UK Populists Drive Fever Pitch Hysteria – AB 042919


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