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Church of the Lampshade: The Meaning of Life – GL 043019

It’s episode 11 of The Church of the Lampshade already and once again we've got some great ideas to share with you.

Before we get into this week's sermon we'll identify some important subjects that are meaningful whether you are a believer or not. I would remind you (as I am often want to do) that in the midst of the important work you are doing, do not forget to live and enjoy your life. You aren't guaranteed a tomorrow and while things are bad and probably going to get worse, you still have today and should not forget to live life to the fullest while you have it.

We'll also discuss leftists vs conservatives in the context of Twitter vs GAB. While so many people assume that I would be more fond of the conservatives, the fact of the matter is I find the conservatives to be more difficult to deal with than the leftists. Does this mean "The Nazis are the real Marxists"? Not at all. We'll get to the heart of the matter in this discussion.

In this week's sermon, we begin what I shall hereby dub "The Meaning of Life" series. In discussing the meaning of life there is no better reference than the book of Ecclesiastes. We are going to slowly, week by week go through the entire book of Ecclesiastes. Granted, we may take a week off from this to discuss other spiritual messages but ultimately we will make it through this book. This week we will cover chapters 1-2.

Whether you come for the visit beforehand, the sermon itself or both I'm glad you've taken the time to stop by and give a listen. As always I thank those who have been moved to continue supporting the work I do here. I do not and will not put this work behind a paywall as the truth is not for sale. Thus, I depend on those of you who voluntarily decide to contribute and participate in my work by sending your support.



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Church of the Lampshade: The Meaning of Life – GL 043019


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