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Church of the Lampshade: Tempered Like the Steel of a Sword – GL 040919

Episode #8 of the Church of the Lampshade this week so get spreading the word folks, as there are still those out there who have no idea that we're meeting here at the same time and place as the old Thoughts of the Day show and those poor souls are missing out!

In our pre-sermon visit this week we will talk about a number of topics like we usually do. Just like our sermons, in our visits we will be seeking the truth and one of those truths is that here in America the left likes to throw the term "hate speech" about, in an effort to plant the idea into people's minds that this is somehow illegal. You see, so far they have been unable to completely undo the first amendment, so instead they simply create the narrative that so called hate speech is illegal and thus bad in order to make it socially acceptable to discriminate against people such as ourselves for our political beliefs. Our intent here isn't to whine and complain about the situation, but instead we are shedding the light of truth on the lies that these evil doers are spreading.

After our visit we get to the heart of the show: this week's sermon in the Church of the Lampshade for the remnant of Christianity. We will be discussing your faith and what it means to put your faith through these trials that God allows to come against us. You are being refined, you are being tempered like the steel of a sword so that you may be more effective in this life and the life to come.

Always remember that your faith and your life as a Christian believer is a marathon. No matter what lie the devil tells you, no matter what emotion tries to deceive you, never lose site of the fact that God loves you and wants you to succeed more than you love God. Thus, if you are still seeking and trying to live your faith, there is no way that God has given up on you. Anything stating the contrary is a lie from the devil.

Lots of great topics as well as a faith strengthening sermon, it's all right here at The Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: Tempered Like the Steel of a Sword – GL 040919


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