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Radio Free Northwest: The Pros and Cons of Centralised Government – RFN 040419

Andy has some sad news for us, the Trucker is in San Francisco, Gretchen talks about sex and society in National Socialist Germany & the panel discussion continues on Americanism.

Andy begins with the sad news that Comrade Don has passed away unexpectedly, he was an important functionary in the organisation and he will be missed.

The Trucker is in San Francisco with a new tablet and explains his absence due to the winter weather in Idaho and the floods that followed it.

Gretchen reviews ‘Sex and Society in Nazi Germany’ by Hans Peter Bluel which was written in the seventies and deals with gender roles and sexual mores. The author notes that the Reich was trying to counter certain issues with modernity, but also made use of it at times. For example, as a result of more women in the workplace, the children were more likely to go to after school activities and that made them more easy to be propagandized. Children born out of wedlock increased, as the push to have more children was realised and there was less condemnation of this because more children was seen as a good thing.

The panel discussion on Americanism continues and the pros and cons of centralised government and localised government. Centralised government helps to eliminate corruption and worked well in Germany and in Russia today. Instead of having lots of rules, you have as few as possible and everyone has to obey them.

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: The Pros and Cons of Centralised Government – RFN 040419


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